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Leaving Boston

Leading up to April 7, 2006

It's moving day. The movers showed up at 9 AM. The bike and car are the driver's. He works for a California mover, but lives in Maine!

Pictures from the Move

After three years in beautiful Boston, it's back to Orange County. The California Trip... And, if I can manage it, you will see highlights right here!

When I moved back to Boston, January 13, 2003, it was ZERO outside. On April 6, 2006, it was a bit warmer, BUT Mother Nature hasn't given up making Boston life interesting...


It's a cold, clammy Tuesday in Boston. The movers are late. It has taken several weeks, but most of the stuff is either packed or has been dumped.

I am ready!

It's amazing how much "stuff" just seems to build up over the years. Among the worst offenders -- Coffee mugs! Why do I have more mugs than the local diner? It may have something to do with not drinking coffee, which probably means I don't "consume" mugs as often (breakage).


Photo problem. It's partly the JPEG compression, but the Sony imager apparently doesn't like "blinds".

Harvey's special packaging system for the TV. Tristan helps. Six guys showed up, but left in about 2 hours, since I had done most of the packing early on. The secret is to use "Dish pack" the strongest of the packaging options available. We will see if the TV makes it to CA in one piece.


The predecessor TV, Sony's flagship XBR2 didn't make it on the trip here. It was ZERO and the front fascia shattered from the cold. Hopefully, this one will do better.
  • Well, it wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped. The moving guys forgot to empty the pantry, left a glass in one of the cabinets, two boxes of crystal, and several empty packing boxes all over the apartment. The company assured me the van operator will take them all. He didn't...

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